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Running Stitch

Running stitch is the easiest embroidery stitch and also one of the most useful and versatile.
It is also the basic quilting stitch.

Running stitch

Running Stitch

Running Stitch evenly spaced
Running Stitches can be worked with spaces the same size as the stitches ,
running stitches close together
or with stitches close together,
Running stitch widely spaced
or with stitches far apart.

Tiny running stitches

Running stitches can be worked very small

Large running stitches

or large.

Running stitch can be used to build up patterns, for example

Running stitch patterns or Running stitch pattern

This is used in traditional forms of embroidery and quilting such as pattern darning, kantha and shashiko.

Rows of running stitch can be laced for a decorative effect.

Laced Running Stitch
Single row of running stitch laced
Double row of laced running stitch
Two rows of running stitch laced
Running stitch laced in both directions
Single row of running stitch laced in both directions