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Thimble purse

Thimble Purse

A traditional pattern adapted by Fran Baigent

You will need:

Cotton lawn 24cm x 12cm

General purpose sewing thread (to match the cotton lawn)

Porcelain button

Combed cotton – 1 skein

Click here for a printable version of this project


Print pattern

1)  Print out the thimble purse pattern.

Cut out the pattern

2)  Cut out the pattern.

Fold fabric, pin on pattern

3)  Fold the cotton lawn in half and pin the pattern to it, through both layers of fabric.

Cut round the pattern

4)  Cut round the pattern.

Remove pins

5)  Remove the pins. You will have two circles of cotton lawn.

Fold fabric down

6)  Place one circle of cotton lawn on top of the pattern. Fold the fabric down along any one of the diagonal pattern lines. Crease the fabric firmly with your fingers so that it stays in place.

Keep folding

7)   Work round the circle clockwise, folding  the fabric down along each diagonal pattern line.

Folded hexagon

8)  When you have folded all the way round the pattern you will have a hexagon.

Small stitches to hold the folds in place

9)  Using the general purpose sewing thread, take a few of small stitches in the centre of the hexagon to hold the fabric in place.

Sew on a button

10)  Stitch a button in the centre of the hexagon.

11)  Repeat stages 6 to 10 with the second circle of cotton lawn.

Pin the two sides together

12)  Pin the two hexagons together, button sides out.

Stitch sides together

13)  Stitch the two hexagons together round the bottom four sides with ladder stitch.

Twist a cord14)  Twist a cord from combed cotton – cut a 4m length of combed cotton, knot the two ends together. Pin the folded end down to a secure surface with a drawing pin, put a pencil through the other end. Keeping the threads stretched taut twist the pencil round until the threads are twisted together tightly. Bring the two ends together still keeping the thread stretched tight. Allow the two lengths to twist together to form a cord . Knot the loose ends to stop the cord unwinding.

Knot ends of cord together

15)  Knot the two ends of the cord together about 6cm from the ends.

Make tassel at end of cord

16)  Cut off the the ends of the cord and unwind to form a tassel. Trim the ends so that they are even.

Stitch cord in place

17) Starting with the knot of the tassel at the bottom point of the hexagon, use general purpose sewing thread to stitch the cord in place to one edge of the thimble purse, leaving the top two sides of the hexagon open.

Stitch cord to other edge

18) Now stitch the cord in place on the other edge of the thimble purse.

Finished thimble purse

19)  Your thimble purse is finished